Saturday, February 16, 2013

Remodeling Underway

  We are temporarily closed for the remodel project which will add a handicap accessible bathroom and a large open meeting/program room to the museum. Thanks to the Committee of the Emerson Booher Advised Fund for Versailles for the grant that put us "over the top" for the project. We will be running updates and maybe a few photos as the project moves ahead.
The project will be completed in approximately 2 months and we will schedule a "grand opening" at that time. 

Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunday Feb 10th......

February 10th, Scott Trostel, local author and contributor to the PBS series “The Lincoln Train”, will join us to talk about his new book “And Through The Black Night of Terror” in which he details The 1913 Flood in the Northern Miami Valley. Scott will share facts, stories and struggles that many locals have never heard.
Most people remember seeing pictures of Dayton from late March, 1913 – Main Street flooded, water up to the second stories of buildings, the rubble and debris that was left. It’s also well known that the recovery efforts were led by John Patterson of NCR and that the Miami Conservancy District was formed to protect the region from future floods.
But little has been known of the effects of the 1913 Flood in the northern Miami Valley including the counties of Miami, Shelby, Darke, Champaign and Logan. Now Scott’s meticulously researched book fills that gap in history with a day-by-day narrative and many never-before-seen pictures and maps.
Roads, homes, businesses, factories, power stations and railways were under water; 264 bridges collapsed, fresh water was not available nor any communications…72 people drowned and thousands of livestock perished. “It was the worst-ever disaster to visit the northern Miami Valley.” As in Dayton there were many stories of rescue and heroism. The clean-up and restoration took at least ten years. March will commemorate the 100th anniversary of this tragedy. 
Scott will have his book available for purchase & will sign your copy.