Monday, June 1, 2015

Open House Sunday June 7th at 1p.m.

The VAHS will honor six living historian who through the years have written or otherwise preserved our local history.
Ruth Ann Pleiman wrote the Russia History in 1976.
Marianne Monnin Doyle created a newsletter to celebrate and keep the French culture and genealogy alive in this area.
Gail Pitsenbarger Brandewie gave voice to her father's 1939 reels of video of Versailles Businesses and updated it several times preserving it for futur...e generations.
Ruth Schieltz helped to record local church histories and helped many searching for their roots.
Lois Ann Judy Baker traveled the countryside rediscovering lost history and cemeteries and recording the information for future generations.
Juanita Gerling devoted her life to researching, writing and especially sharing history with all who would listen, that we might tell it to our children.
Join us in recognizing and thanking these ladies for the gift of preservation on Sunday, June 7th at 1 p.m. at the Museum.
Free and open to the public!